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Preparing children for Gymnastics & Other Sports, to build your child into a beautiful, strong and agile individual. To prepare the kids to face new challenges to guide your child the way he finds himself with confidence and strength.

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Kids Gym is a forum for social and emotional growth in young children. It lays the foundation for healthy habits in our youth. It also gives kids a feeling of competence that leads to a cycle of success. We strongly believe that every child (no matter what age) should be exposed to all of the gymnastic apparatus, learn gymnast body positions, develop gymnastic skills and gain knowledge of gymnastic terminology. MORE THAN just gymnastics, the KiDsGyM curriculum is designed to strengthen a child’s ability to remember, actively listen and follow directions.

The Kids GYM is located in the choicest location in UAE in an area covering around 5000 sq feet. Other than this there is also a Music School and a Music Instrument store at the location