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Sing & Swing provides music education in Piano, Keyboard, Guitar, Drums, Violin, Wind Instruments, Vocal and various Dance forms. The institute imparts music lessons for kids in Dubai as well as for adults, by which they are able to promote the concept of family-oriented music education where parents and kids learn to play instruments.

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The institute provides a dynamic and progressive musical environment which enables kids to learn music in groups or individually as per students requirements. All classes are fully equipped with branded instruments as well as teaching and learning aids to facilitate a positive music learning environment. We teach music to build musicians Step-by-Step through knowledge, motivation, creativity and performance. We are one of the leading Yamaha Music School in Dubai

Students are prepared for International Board Exams, which is an important feature of our education system and exams are conducted twice a year. Sing & Swing organises the students recitals in the month of June and December which increases the students self-confidence, social skills & performance skills.

Yamaha music classes are imparted at both the Music Institutes. Junior music course is the most popular among the music programs. It is known for its unique format of imparting music education to 4-year-old children and above.The program is based on the method of “imitation and repetition’- this is how children easily learn at this age, imitating their teacher, by listening, singing and playing music