3000+ workforce

Steered by visionary professionals and powered by the intelligent use of technology, Thomsun Group has grown to be a respected brand name in the region. One of the most employee-friendly companies in the world, The Group currently has a 3000+ strong workforce and a host of entrepreneurial milestones in diversified sectors.

25+ Verticals

The group today has a presence in more than twenty core business segments and a combined turnover of $ 600 million. Since inception, the company has embarked on many milestone ventures in its pursuit to become the highly diversified group as it is today.

40+ Years of Experience

Built on strong fundamentals, Thomsun has emerged as a market leader in its fields of operation through its focused approach, strong market intelligence, attention to details, sound deployment of modern technology and the utmost commitment to quality, delivering nothing less than excellence.

SINCE 1976 in UAE

Thomsun was established in the year 1976 in Dubai by directors Mr. K V Thomas and Mr. V T John. The vision and work ethic etched out over the years with the foresight to diversify into new disciplines at the right times have seen the activities of the group grow to become the multi-faceted and diversified entity it is today.

  • Business across GCC & India
  • Quality and Excellence at it’s par
  • Our History Conveys Our Reputation
Our Verticals

Growing by leaps and bounds with a clearly focused purpose that supports right business served to the right people, Thomsun Group has changed the face of the entire business industry by opening more than twenty value-added business commitments that provide seamless delivery of services and excellence in its operational field. As one of the leading and popular business groups spanning the Gulf Countries and the Indian Subcontinent, Thomsun Group leads the pack by communicating clearly, simply to its customers and exhibits an unquestionable reason for its expansion that is beyond making money. Adding more value for its customers and clientele, Thomsun Group enjoys limitless love from them, whereby customer loyalty is going strong and personal. With a simple goal to bring change in the way others do business by incorporating more humanity in our work, Thomsun Group stands out in the crowd.